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Reset a Contact's Password

You can reset a contact's password at any time. If you do, you must remember to communicate the reset password to the user. The system does not automatically send a password reset notification ot the user.


Note: The features that are visible and available to you within the application depend on your role. For example, a Facility Staff member cannot reset a password for a contact.

To reset a contact's password
  1. Point to Planning and click Contacts. The Contacts for (facility/domain) page opens.

  2. In the Contacts for list, select the domain or facility.

  3. As appropriate, select or clear the Show all Health System Contacts check box.

  4. On the left, locate and select the contact. The contact's details appear on the right.

  5. Open the Account Information / Log In drawer.

  6. Click Reset Password. The Reset Password window opens.

  7. For New Password, enter a new password for the contact.

  8. For Verify Password, enter the new password again to confirm it.

  9. Click Submit.

  10. Close the Reset Password window.

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