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Contact Upload Template

During the Planning phase, Domain and Facility Administrators can use a template to quickly upload contacts from a data file into eICS. This section describes the fields, formatting, and conventions necessary to successfully upload contacts using the template. 

During the upload process, contact information is validated, and you can view or troubleshoot errors as contacts are successfully uploaded in the appropriate format.

Note: eICS users with the right to add contacts to a facility can choose to manually add or upload contacts using the template and the Upload Contacts procedure.

The Download Template feature is available from Planning: Contacts.


Before initiating the download, note the following restrictions:

  • You can upload contacts only to facilities, and you can only upload to one facility at a time.

  • This feature is for new contacts only; you cannot update existing records using this process.

  • The phone number in the contact's row is automatically set to the notification order of Notify First.

Upon successful upload and creation of a contact, eICS sends the standard Welcome message to the contact.

Note: The system automatically removes the uploaded file 24 hours after processing has completed.


To facilitate the process of uploading contact data, a template is available for download through Planning: ContactsUpload Contacts


Download and use the template in Microsoft® Excel® to compile information about contacts you want to upload.

The following example shows the template populated with several contacts. Each row represents a contact. During a successful upload, one contact is created and populated for each row in the spreadsheet.


Formatting and Conventions

Data added to the template in Excel (.xls or .xlsx) must comply with the following formatting and conventions:

  • The file must contain data columns in the order specified in the template.

  • The first row must be a header row, and each column header contains the appropriate name for that data element.

  • All required elements must be completed. Column headers for most of these elements are in red text. If the cell for a required element is blank, the row is invalid.

  • If a username is provided for a record, it must be unique. That is, it cannot match any other username in the file or your contact database.

  • The contact name cannot duplicate any other contact name in the same facility.

  • The phone number must be valid and complete. An extension of 1-6 characters is also allowed. For example, 555-555-5555 X121212.

  • The email address must be formatted appropriately.

  • Any blank rows must be removed from the file before uploading.

  • The file cannot be larger than 50 MB.

If the elements in the data file do not meet these requirements, validation errors occur.

Note: If validation errors are generated, you can still upload the valid records.

Template Data

The template contains the following data columns:


Valid Values



First Name


Max: 32 alphabetic characters 


Middle Name


Max: 32 alphabetic characters 


Last Name


Max: 64 alphabetic characters 




Max: 100 alphabetic characters 


Resource Type

  • Internal

  • External





Max: 100 alphabetic characters 




Max: 50 alphabetic characters 




Max: 32 alphanumeric characters 


Phone #


Max: 64 numeric characters 

nnn-nnn-nnnn Xnnnnnn

(where n is a numeric character)


Phone Type

  • Business

  • Home

  • Mobile

  • Other





Max: 128 alphabetic characters 


Facility Access

  • Facility Administrator

  • Facility Staff

  • Facility Staff Limited

  • External Contact



*If you want the contact to be an eICS user and potentially access other Intermedix products, a username is required.
**Uploading contacts requires the same information as when you add individual contacts from the Contacts page. If you provide a Username for the contact, you must also enter a value for Phone #, Phone Type, and Email.

Tip: If you believe the contact is already using another product such as EMResource or EMTrack, do not include that individual in the data file. Instead, use the eICS contact import feature.


When the data file is uploaded, the process automatically validates the data by verifying file requirements and data formats. If there are errors, they are presented in the Upload Contacts window. Errors are specified by row (in the data file) and name, and comments are provided to describe the error. Errors are also logged in a validated file that is available for download. The validated file looks similar to the contact data file and can be opened in Excel to review the errors. After review, corrections can be made to the data.


In the validated file, data rows are color coded to indicate the success or failure of uploading that contact. Rows that are green were successfully uploaded and the contact account was created. Rows that are red have validation errors and the contact was not created. On a row, the cells that contain invalid data are called out to indicate the erroneous data. Invalid data can be corrected and the validated file can be uploaded to try adding the contacts again. The process recognizes all green rows as duplicates and does not upload them a second time.

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