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Add a Contact

Prior to adding a contact, it is recommended that you search for the contact and review potential matches to ensure you are not creating a duplicate. The contact may already be in the system, but not associated with the facility or domain in which you are working. If you search for and find the contact is already in the system, you can simply link them to the facility. If the contact is not yet in the system, you can add them and then link them to the facility.

Tip: If you want the contact to have access to eICS, you must enable their account by providing a username, a phone number and an email address.

To search for a contact
  1. On the Home page, point to the Planning menu and click Contacts. The Contacts for (facility/domain) page opens.

  2. In the Contacts for list, click the name of the facility. The list for the selected facility appears on the left.

  3. Below the list of contacts, click Add New Contact. The Add New Contact, Details opens on the right.

  4. In the upper right, in the Search box, type all or part of the contact’s first or last name, organization name, or phone number.

  5. Click the search or magnifying glass icon. The search results open. 

  6. Do one of the following:

    a.     If the contact is in your results, go to the procedure Add an Existing Contact.

    b.     If the contact is not in your results, go to the procedure Add a New Contact.

To add an existing contact
  1. On the Planning > Contacts page, with your search results open on the right, click the contact’s name.

  2. Below the list, click Select Contact. The Add a Facility Contact page opens.

  3. In the Facility Access list, click the access level you want to grant this contact.

  4. Click Create. The contact is added to the facility.

  5. If necessary, you can add or edit contact details and click Save.

To add a new contact
  1. On the Planning > Contacts page, with your search results on the right in the Details panel, click Cancel.

  2. On the right, enter the contact’s Name, Organization, Resource Type, Phone, Email, and Facility Access.

  3. If you want the contact to have access to eICS, select the Enable user account check box and enter a Username.

  4. Click Create. The contact appears in the list on the left and the contact details refresh on the right.

  5. On the right, click to open drawers and add or change contact information.

Tip: You can add notes about the contact and changes you made to the contact's information in the Notes drawer.

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