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eICS 3.11 Release Notes

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These notes describe highlights of the eICS 3.11 release, scheduled for June 27, 2018. More information about these and other features is available through the Client Hub or by contacting Juvare Support (support@juvare.com).

HVA Report for Groups

The HVA Report for Groups allows you to quickly download and submit aggregated HVA data to demonstrate compliance for facilities in your group.

With one click, the Print option automatically generates the HVA report containing information about the group's Top Risks and Included Facilities.

  • Top Risks: Displays hazards, ranked by vulnerability, and aggregated data for actual incidents, as well as assessed vulnerability and preparedness levels.
  • Included Facilities: Lists all facilities in the group and indicates which ones submitted HVA data that was included in the group report.


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