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Product Announcements

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Product announcements are PDF documents that cover the new features and enhancements associated with a specific release of the product. You can easily print and distribute these documents, as appropriate.

Recent Announcements

In general, anyone can access product announcements to learn about the most recent new or enhanced system functions. The announcements appear in reverse chronological order, with the most recent appearing at the top.





Jun 2018

Added HVA Report for Groups and other enhancements to improve usability.


Mar 2018

Improved the HVA dashboard and reports, added Event Log entry types, and introduced the ability to disable incident notifications and sort objectives with the "not started" status.


Jan 2018

Introduced the Hazard Vulnerability Analysis (HVA) tool, and updated the display and/or selection of Improvement Plan items, contacts on the depth chart, and end-incident notifications.


Oct 2017

Completed updates and enhancements to simplify processes such as adding objectives to the After Action Reports for drills, uploading contacts, and differentiating active versus inactive groups.


Sep 2017

Completed enhancements to objectives, in Planning and Response, and added options to the configuration of voice notifications at the facility level.


Jul 2017

Added features and improvements on objectives, including templates, identification numbers, commenting on status updates, and custom statuses. Also updated the Incident Objectives Report, After Action Report, map icons, and aspects of group messaging. Added the Objective Status History Report.

3.5 Addendum

Mar 2017

Improved incident messaging with a new message notification, message subject, message counter, and converting a message into an objective.  


Mar 2017

Introduced the After Action Report and allowed Domain Administrators to add their details to the Contact Us window. 


Dec 2016

Upgraded how Library and Incident documents are handled and adjusted the default assignment of incident objectives.


Sep 2016

Added photographic attachments to messages and transitioned to the client hub for product support.


Jul 2016

Added the Facility Staff Limited role and a voice notification improvement.


May 2016

Enhanced Plan copy options, including the option to copy candidates from one plan to another; added the character count to incident description fields; converted new areas of the system to the proposed new user interface; and included a comparison of the existing and new interfaces.


Jan 2016

Introduced the proposed new user interface and applied to a subset of these features in the Planning area; enhanced how event information is displayed on the incident dashboard Event Log.

If you would like to view earlier product announcements, contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM).

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