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Dashboards allow you to view more than one board and/or map at a time on a single page. This feature can be extremely helpful when you must frequently monitor several active and rapidly changing boards or maps. The dashboards available to you are determined by your administrator.

Note: For WebEOC Enterprise clients, Dashboards features and functions are fully integrated with WebEOC. Dashboard functions are also available to WebEOC Professional clients as an add-on.

Dashboards are located in the Tools section of the control panel. You can click the icon to the left of Dashboards to expand the list of all dashboards available to you. Clicking the name of a dashboard opens it in a new tab.

When a dashboard is open, a dashboard icon appears in the tab to the left of the dashboard's name. This icon helps you readily identify a tab that contains a dashboard as opposed to, for example, a map.

In addition to opening a dashboard in a tab, you can also click the new window icon to the right of the dashboard's name in the control panel to open that dashboard in a new window.

Furthermore, you can open all available dashboards in a single window, with each dashboard appearing in a separate tab within that window. Simply click the new window icon to the right of the Dashboard section header in the control panel.

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