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Access WebEOC on a Mobile Device

WebEOC allows users to access and use the application from mobile devices as easily as from personal computers.

Supported Operating Systems

WebEOC is compatible with the following mobile devices:

  • Android devices (latest version)

  • Apple iPhone (latest OS version)

  • Apple iPad (latest OS version)

  • BlackBerry OS v6 and later

To use WebEOC on your mobile device
  1. Open a web browser and enter the WebEOC URL. The WebEOC Login window opens.

  2. Enter your username and password. As you enter your password, it appears as a series of dots.

  3. Select your position and incident, and then click OK.

Within the application, you can now open the control panel and use any board as you normally would when accessing WebEOC from a desktop.

To exit WebEOC at any time, click the Log Off link 

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