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Add and Edit Remarks

You can edit previously saved entries in a checklist as needed. However, when adding or editing remarks on the Checklists page, only one step or substep can be open at a time. When making edits, also keep in mind that the maximum length of any remark is 3,000 characters.

To add or edit a remark to any step or substep in a checklist
  1. In the Tools section of the control panel menu, click Checklists.

  2. If working in a Master view, on the Checklists page, click the Incident drop-down list and select the applicable incident.

  3. Click the Checklist drop-down list and select the appropriate checklist.


  4. To open a text box that allows you to add a remark, click the applicable step or substep.


  5. Enter remarks in the text box.

  6. Click Save. The text box closes.

  7. Select Show Remarks. Remarks for all the steps and substeps are shown in blue.

  8. To edit a remark for a step, click the remark. A text box opens.

  9. Make your changes.

  10. Click Save.

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