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Subscription Boards

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Subscription boards are those that are shared among several WebEOC instances over the WebEOC Fusion network. A subscription board is published to the Fusion server and offered for use to the other WebEOC instances connected to the Fusion server. Depending on their level of permission, WebEOC users that subscribe to the board can read, read/write, or read/write/delete information on the board.

A record is added to a subscribing (local) WebEOC instance. The record moves from the local copy of the board to the WebEOC Fusion server and is then added to each of the other participating WebEOC instances.

On the control panel, subscription boards are located in the Boards section with local boards. Fusion boards are distinguished from regular boards by a lightning bolt icon. If the board is connected, the icon is gray. If offline, the icon is red. Point to the icon to see a tooltip with that board's Fusion Server Name, Regional Incident, and Status.


The arrangement of boards in this list is determined by settings configured by your WebEOC administrator.

Subscription boards are used in the same way as any standard board on a user’s WebEOC control panel. Users can add/update, view, sort, and filter data as determined by the permissions allowed by the board owner (publisher) and group permissions on the subscribing (local) WebEOC server.

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