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Import and Export Board Data

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Your administrator may have set up import and/or export features on one or more of the boards to which you have access.

Note: In some WebEOC systems, the importing and exporting features are available to system administrators only. For WebEOC Enterprise clients, advanced Data Manager functions, including user-level importing and exporting, are fully integrated with WebEOC. These functions are also available to WebEOC Professional clients as an add-on. All other WebEOC clients continue to have access to the administrator data import and export features.

If the board contains an Export button, you can export the board data to a spreadsheet. You can only export data from your current view and data to which you have access.

You can import data if you see the Import button when you open the board's new record input window. The import process provides access to a template that is specifically designed for that board. You can download the template, fill in the data records you want to add, and then import those records.

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