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Users Overview

The Users Manager allows administrators to create and edit basic user settings, including usernames, passwords, permissions, email addresses, and more.



Each user account must be assigned to a position, each position must be assigned to a group, and each group must be assigned to an incident. Without a position, a user cannot log in to WebEOC. Without a group a user does not have permission to any incidents, and without being assigned to an incident a user does not have permission to any boards, plugins, and so forth.

Position assignments made in the Users Manager are automatically applied to the Positions Manager. Likewise, changes made in the Positions Manager are automatically applied to the Users Manager.

Position Access Codes

If you, as the WebEOC administrator, provide an individual with a position name, position access code, and your agency’s WebEOC URL, that individual can set up their own user account. Enable this option in the Security section of the General Manager.


Users have basic access to WebEOC. WebEOC administrators have full access to the system. Granting users WebEOC Administrator privileges through the Users Manager automatically enables them to perform all administrative functions in WebEOC. Users cannot grant themselves WebEOC administrator permissions; user accounts configured as administrators must be created by a WebEOC administrator.

For more details on administrative roles, refer to Account Types.


You can build the following user reports from the Users Manager:

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