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Simulator Overview

Simulator is a tool organizations can use to construct scenarios that can be added to WebEOC and run as needed for initial and recurring training, drills, and exercises. It can simulate inputs that would normally be generated by an entire team of emergency responders, minimizing the number of support personnel needed for role-play activities.

With the Simulator Manager, authorized users can:


ETimes are calculated based on the elapsed Simulator run-time. ETimes are calculated and entered into the Simulations Manager in hours, minutes, and seconds. Before creating a simulation, users may want to draft board entries or inject numbers and ETimes to be used in the scenario. If developed in an external application, scenario designers can cut-and-paste entry details from the external file while editing the simulation.

Offset Dates and Times

Simulated entries can display either the actual date and time posted or an “offset” date and time. Offset days and minutes can be entered as positive values that are added to the post date and time or negative values that are subtracted from the post date and time.

To specify the actual post date and time, leave the date and time fields blank. When the ETime for the entry is reached, Simulator posts the entry and the current date and time appear on the board. For example, an entry is added to a simulation with an ETime of 00:15:00 (15 minutes) and the date and time fields are blank. Simulator is started at 10:00 hours on 05/12/2007. At E + 15 minutes (that is, 15 minutes has elapsed), the entry is posted to the board with a post date of 05/12/2007 and post time of 10:15.

Entries whose date and time are not the same as the current date and time are configured with an “offset” value in plus (+) or minus (-) days and/or minutes. These values are added to or subtracted from the calculated ETime. For example, a simulated entry posts at E + 2 hours (02:00:00), but the time displayed on the board should reflect an entry time of one hour (60 minutes) earlier than the current time.

When configuring this type of entry, enter an ETime of 02:00:00 (two hours). To offset the date and time, leave the date blank and set the time at -60 minutes. When you leave the date blank, the current date is used. Simulator is started at 09:32 on 5/12/2004. When the ETime 02:00:00 is reached (at 11:32), the entry is posted to the designated board with a date of 05/12/2004 (the current date) and a time of 10:32 (the current time minus 60 minutes offset time).

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