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Server Environment Best Practices

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Your WebEOC environment consists of three main components:

  1. Client machines/devices

  2. Application server

  3. Database server

Every organization will differ in their WebEOC environment. Some organizations may have a single server that houses the WebEOC application and the SQL database. Other organizations may have an extremely complex environment involving several Application Servers (load-balanced environment), several database servers (SQL Cluster), a proxy, firewall, or combination of these.

Each of the servers (application and/or database servers), whether they are physical servers or virtual servers, must meet the recommended specifications.

As an administrator of WebEOC, you should know the following about your WebEOC server environment:

  • The number of application servers and database servers. 

  • The difference between the primary environment and redundant environment.

  • The IP addresses for each server component and the login credentials for each.

Note: This information is also helpful for Support to troubleshoot issues.

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