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Best Practices for Client Configurations

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The following are best practices in relation to the configuration of a user's mobile operating systems and recommended settings.

Supported WebEOC Browsers

  • Internet Explorer 11+

  • Microsoft Edge

  • Firefox 4+

  • Safari 5+

  • Google Chrome 11+

Supported Mobile Operating Systems

  • Apple devices (latest version of iOS)

  • Android devices (latest version of Android)

Recommended Device Settings

  • Disable pop-up blockers, including any toolbars (Google Toolbar, Yahoo Toolbar, and so forth).

  • Check for versions of stored pages every time a Website it visited.

    • If an Internet Explorer user, within the Browsing History section on the General Tab, go to Internet Options: Settings. For Check for newer versions of stored pages, select Every Time I visit the webpage.

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