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Reporter Overview

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In addition to real-time access to emergency information, WebEOC provides extensive data retrieval and reporting capabilities. Agencies can generate an unlimited number of preformatted or ad hoc reports based on individual status boards. Preformatted reports can be added as a link to the control panel.


Use the Reporter Manager when:

  • You want the information presented in a report format.

  • You want to display all updates to records in a status board.

  • You need to sort archived data.

Note: Archiving is only available in previous releases of WebEOC.

An unlimited number of user-defined reports can be developed for both default and customized status boards.

Two types of board reports are available.

  • The Standard Report is built using standard Reporter Manager tools.

  • The Custom Report is built using HTML and can be developed in an external editor, such as Adobe® Dreamweaver®, and then pasted into the Reporter Manager.

You can generate a multi-board incident report through the Incidents Manager.

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