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Positions Overview

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In an emergency response organization, users traditionally serve specific positions, such as public information officer (PIO), logistics chief, or safety officer. In WebEOC, organizations can create an unlimited number of positions for users to fill. Multiple users can hold a single position in WebEOC and a user can be assigned to multiple positions.


When an agency implements the positions feature, the user’s account is set up with the user’s proper name. The user’s account is assigned to a position or positions, which defines the user’s role in the response organization. If a user can be assigned to multiple positions, the user is prompted to select the specific position during login.

Positions and position access codes (PACs) allow new users to self-register and create user accounts for themselves the first time they access WebEOC. This reduces the burden on administrators for managing user accounts on an ongoing basis. Read more information on self-registration and security features in the General Manager section.

Every position must be assigned to a group. A position’s group assignments determine the boards, links, menus, and plugins that appear in the users’ control panel. Positions assigned to multiple groups have the least restrictive permissions from each.

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