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Position Access Codes

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A Position Access Code (PAC) serves as a layer of password protection for a position that is separate from the password the user creates for their user account. The WebEOC administrator can generate the PAC as a way of controlling who can register for a position.

  • Implementing PACs reduces the burden on administrators during an emergency. After users are given their position name, PAC, and the URL to their WebEOC, they are able to register themselves rather than burdening the administrator with that task. Administrators are then able to focus on more substantive issues during the emergency. When possible, administrators should define positions and have users register their accounts before an emergency.

  • PACs prevent users from registering for unauthorized positions. Before users can self-register for a position in WebEOC, they must have the PAC for that specific position.

  • PACs add individual accountability. When a user logs in to WebEOC, they log in to a specific position; this allows administrators, through the Audit Log, to track the actions of multiple users that have filled one position during an emergency. Administrators are able to track individuals and positions independently.

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