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Generate Position Access Codes

Position Access Codes (PACs) are only used when the WebEOC administrator enables the Allow Self-registration feature in the General Manager. If used, PACs are randomly generated by WebEOC. The following are examples of PACs:

  • Wx9%z{B7

  • 2d+WK4i%

  • L&c34eD{

PACs can be created or changed on a position-by-position basis or for all positions simultaneously.

To generate a PAC for a specific position
  1. In the Admin window, go to UsersPositions.

  2. On the Positions page, click the position for which you want to generate a PAC.


  3. Click Generate PAC. The PAC appears in the PAC field, overwriting any PAC previously in the field.


  4. Click Save.

To delete a PAC once it has been generated, click the Clear button to the right of the Generate PAC button.

To generate PACs for all existing positions simultaneously

Note: When you generate PACs for all positions simultaneously, any existing PACs are also updated.

  1. In the Admin window, go to UsersPositions.


  2. On the Positions page, click Actions.

  3. Select Generate PACs.


  4. When the confirmation window opens, click OK. The Positions page presents PACs for each position.

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