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Menus Overview

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You can use the Menus Manager to group and display boards, plugins, links, and other menus under a single item on the control panel. When a user selects the menu name, assigned items expand below it. When the menu is selected again, the list of items collapses and is no longer visible.

A star icon preceding a menu alerts users when there is data that has not been viewed. Once the menu containing new data has been opened, the star disappears until information has been added or updated.


As each board, link, plugin, or menu is added to the menu, access permissions must be assigned to each in the same way as group permissions are assigned. Users assigned to a group that has access to the menu inherit the permissions established for the menu.

For example, a menu called Resources includes the Resources board (Edit permissions), File Library (View Only) and MapTac (Edit Markers). This menu is added to the Logistics group. Any user who is a member of that group has the same access to the Resources menu with the permissions assigned during menu setup.

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