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Create a Menu

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You can use the Menus Manager to group and display boards, plugins, links, and other menus under a single item on the control panel.

To create a menu
  1. In the Admin window, go to ProcessMenus. The Menus page opens.


  2. Click Create Menu. The Menus: Create Menu page opens.


  3. Enter a name for the menu.

  4. For Default State, select either Collapsed or Expanded.

    Note: If you select Collapsed, the menu is shown as collapsed in the control panel by default. If you select Expanded, the menu is expanded in the control panel by default.

  5. To add boards to the menu, in the Boards tab, click Add Board.


    • In the Add Board window, for Board, select the applicable board to add.


    • To change the Label to an alias to be displayed on the control panel, delete the text and enter a new name for the board.

    • From the Input drop-down, select the appropriate input view.

    • From the Display drop-down list, select the appropriate display view.

    • In the View Filters tab, select the check box next to any filters you want to appear.

    • In the Board Permission Tags tab, click the permissions in the list.

    • Click Save.

  6. To assign plugins to this menu, click the Plugins tab.

    • Click Add Plugin.

    • From the Plugin drop-down list, select a plugin.

    • Rename the plugin, if appropriate.

    • If applicable, click a permission in the Permission drop-down list.

    • Click Save.

  7. To assign links to this menu, click the Links tab.

    • Click Add Link.

    • For Link, select a link to add to the menu.

    • Use the Label field to rename the link, if appropriate.

    • Click Save.

  8. To add menus to this menu, click the Menus tab.

    • Click Add Menu.

    • From the Menu list, select a menu.

    • Use the Label field to rename the menu, if appropriate.

  9. Click Save.

    Note: After you add a new menu, you need to set access privileges to it using the Groups Manager.

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