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The Mapping Manager

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Being able to visualize crisis information data on a map is essential to making good decisions during an emergency. Maps, an integrated mapping solution that comes standard with any WebEOC Core, Professional, or Enterprise instance, helps with this visualization by providing organizations the tools necessary to create a dynamic, geographically-based common operating picture through a map-based interface.

As an integrated solution, Maps involves minimal effort on the part of an administrator to implement. Maps does not require server access or server-side installation. The Maps solution is integrated into each instance of WebEOC and, therefore, does not require installation by administrators. Instead, if updates are made, such changes will be reflected when you install the newest instance of WebEOC. As an administrator, then, you are only responsible for the creation and assignment of maps. The creation and assignment of maps can be accomplished via the Mapping Manager, accessed via the Admin window.

Note: Maps is compatible with WebEOC versions 8.3 and later.

Mapping Tab

The Mapping tab, located in the Admin window, grants administrators access to Maps controls. It is from this tab that you can create maps and assign content to maps.


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