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MapTac Overview

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MapTac is a briefing tool that allows an authorized user to publish an image file of a map, dispersion model, digital photo, or other item from any map/GIS source or digital camera. The user can place markers and labels on the image using the MapTac palette, add shapes and polygons to mark hot zones or other areas of interest, and  instantly share the map or image with authorized users.


With MapTac, GIS professionals can use GIS tools to add layers to maps and then present the user with the desired level of detail by saving the map as a JPEG, GIF, or PNG. After the map is published in MapTac, any authorized user can select the map file from a drop-down list to display the map on the screen. Users with the appropriate permissions can view and/or add markers, such as push pins, emergency vehicles, roadblocks, and more.

Similar to maps, marker images (JPEG, GIF, BMP) are saved in the database and then configured through MapTac. During configuration, URLs can be added to icons, which allow users to gain access to related information.

In addition to general map icons, MapTac includes Department of Homeland Security (DHS) symbols that many emergency management agencies consider the standard. You can add custom icons or icons specific to an agency as needed.

Use the Groups Manager to enable user access to MapTac from the control panel menu. MapTac appears as a link in the Plugins section of the control panel menu.

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