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Lists Overview

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Lists allow you to create pre-defined sets of choices from which to select when entering data in status boards.


Lists make data entry easier for the user and reduce typographical errors and inconsistent naming schemes. Lists can also be used to filter a status board display to show only those entries related to a specific list item.

Multi-tiered lists can be created, allowing you to define up to two levels. For example, you could create a list of states. Each state could have a sub-list containing counties. Each county list could contain a list of cities. After you build a multi-tiered list, you can add it to a board in the Board Editor.

Lists can also be used to implement processes by assigning group permissions to any item or sub-item in a list. For example, if you want only the controller to set a task status as Closed, you can assign permissions to a specific group or groups. In this scenario, the Closed status would be made available to the authorized positions in the group configured in the Lists Manager.

Colors can be assigned to items in the list. When the color is selected, it is saved with the list item. Using color codes in a board display helps users interpret data (such as statuses) more quickly and determine the importance of the data.

Other lists in WebEOC—Users, Incidents, and Positions—are created and maintained through their respective Admin manager.

The following conditions should be considered when creating, modifying, or replacing lists:

  • Add Other to each list as a catch-all category.

  • Add a blank item as the first list option unless the default value should be something different.

  • Take advantage of the Alphabetize feature to present list items to users in a logical order.

  • If the List Name is changed, the information currently posted on any board using that field is not affected, but the board will no longer use the list unless the board is modified through the Board Editor to reference the new list name.

  • If a list used in a board is deleted, the information currently posted on any board implementing that field is not affected, but the list field will be empty if the user creates or edits records.

  • If a new list is created to replace the deleted list, that field must be updated in the board or boards through the Boards Editor.

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