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Create a Sub-list

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After you create a list item, you can add a sub-list to it. You can even add a sub-list to your sub-list. For example, if you created a list called Georgia and added every county in the state of Georgia as a list item, you could create a sub-list for every city in every county. After you have added the cities, you can add subdivisions within those cities.

To create a sub-list
  1. In the Admin window, go to Process: Lists. The Lists page opens.


  2. Select the applicable list.

  3. On the Edit List page, click Add Sub-list associated with the item to which you want to add a sub-list.


  4. To add items to your sub-list, click Create Item.

  5. Enter a name for the item.

  6. If desired, assign a color to the item by clicking inside the Color field. Use the cross hair icon to select the color. Alternatively, enter a color code in this field.

  7. For Icon:

    • To select an icon from a database, click Select Icon. The Select Icon window opens.

    • Click the icon that you want to represent the list item. The icon will appear on maps that the list is associated with.

    • To select your own custom icon, click Upload Icon. Follow browser prompts to locate and open the appropriate file on your computer.

      Note: This option is only available to organizations with Maps Add-on.

  8. If the list item is reserved for use by a specific group of users with access to the list, select the Apply Permissions check box. If you want the list item to be available to all users with list access, do not select the check box.

  9. If you selected the Permissions check box, apply the permissions by doing the following:

    • In the Group Permissions section, click Add Group.

    • Select one or more group names in the list.

    • Click Add.

  10. Click Save.

  11. Repeat steps 4-10 to build your sub-list.

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