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Create Multi-tiered Lists

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Multi-tiered lists are created and defined in the Lists Manager. After you create the lists, they can be added to a board using the Advanced Board Editor.

The following example shows the code used to implement multi-tiered lists in your boards. In the example below, from_list is the name of your list and from_sublist is the name of your sublist. The from_sub_sublist is the name of your sub-sub-list. Replace these items with the names of the lists you have created.

<select name="from_list" list="Multi-Tiered List" />
<select name="from_sublist" list="Multi-Tiered List" parent="from_list" />
<select name="from_sub_sublist" list="Multi-Tiered List" parent="from_sublist" />

Not ready to build a multi-tiered list? Browse the Hub to learn to create a basic list, and see also the section regarding the <filterlistdropdown> tag.

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