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WebEOC Configuration Tool

The Configuration Tool allows server options to be configured for the WebEOC application. These parameters control how WebEOC interacts with the operating system, database server, and other systems. It also allows access to parameters used by the application, such as Time Zone and location information, Customer ID, and License Number. The Error Log is also viewed through this tool.

In order to perform the functions outlined in this section, a user must be a WebEOC administrator.

Using the Configuration Tool

Note: To use the Configuration Tool, you must either be at the WebEOC server or using a remote control application, such as Remote Desktop Connection, connected to the server.

To access the Configuration Tool, go to Start: All Programs: ESi Software: WebEOC7: EOC Professional: Configuration Tool.

The WebEOC Configuration Tool window opens with a minimum of seven option tabs: General, Database, Email, Locale and Time, Security, Error Log, and WebEOC Fusion. By default, the General tab is presented initially on screen.

Note: The WebEOC Configuration Tool contains options and settings for advanced WebEOC features, such as WebEOC Fusion and additional WebEOC plugins. The configuration of these components is discussed in their respective sections of the Hub.

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