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Manage Emails, Locale and Time

You can add or remove email addresses from a recipient list for reports. 

The locale and time configurations allow you to select the location, time zone, and daylight saving settings in WebEOC for your region. These WebEOC-specific locale and time settings are applied system-wide to status board displays, Admin Managers, and more.

To add or remove an email address
  1. From the WebEOC Configuration window, click the Email tab.


  2. Enter an email address and click Add Address.

  3. Conversely, to remove an email address, select the email address and click Remove.

To change the locale and time settings
  1. From the WebEOC Configuration window, click the Locale and Time tab.


  2. From the Locale drop-down, select your geographical location.

  3. If the local time zone springs forward for Daylight Saving Time (DST), select Automatically adjust clock for Daylight Saving Time.

    Note: Agencies located in time zones where Daylight Savings Time starts and stops on dates not coinciding with DST-windows in the U.S. have the flexibility to configure specific DST start and stop dates and times.

  4. To change the daylight savings settings, click Daylight Saving Settings.

  5. In the Daylight Saving Settings window, enter the appropriate values. Daylight Saving Time starts on the second Sunday in March at 02:00 and ends at 02:00 on the first Sunday in November.

  6. Click OK.

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