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Install the WebEOC Default Board Set

Installing WebEOC is a two-step process: installing the WebEOC software and installing the preferred board packs. The WebEOC Board Pack Installer contains a board set, processes, and other resources that allow your agency to implement WebEOC.

After installing boards, you may need to rebuild the boards in your system.

To install the WebEOC default board set
  1. Install WebEOC.

  2. Navigate to the Board Pack Installation Wizard.

    Tip: On your computer’s desktop, select the Start menu and navigate to All Programs: ESI Software: WebEOC7: EOC Professional. Select Board Pack Installer.


  3. From the Welcome to the WebEOC Installation Wizard window, click Next.


  4. From the Available Board Packs section, select a board pack and then click Next.


    Note: The boards included in the pack appear in the Included Boards section. There is only one board pack included by default: the Default Board Pack.

  5. In the Review Installation Settings window, verify the default board set selected matches your process, and then click Next.


    The Board Pack Installation Wizard installs the boards for the packs you selected. When the installation is complete, an Installation Complete message appears at the bottom of the Information pane.


  6. To exit the Board Pack Installation Wizard, click Close.

Open WebEOC and log in to the WebEOC Administrator account. The installed boards now appear on the Boards page in the Admin Manager.

Rebuild Boards

Certain problems you may experience in WebEOC can be corrected by rebuilding the boards in your WebEOC system. If rebuilding the boards is necessary, go to the General tab and click Rebuild Boards.

Note: If there is a large number of boards, or if they are complex, it can take an extended period of time for the rebuild to finish. This should be considered before executing the Rebuild Boards feature during periods of high activity or EOC activations.

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