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Incidents Overview

WebEOC is an incident-based information management system capable of managing multiple incidents simultaneously yet independently. This capability is critical for organizations with an industry structure involving multiple operating site locations or those that function in an oversight or regulatory role and, by the very nature of their business, must manage and/or track multiple incidents.


You can set up an incident or edit an existing incident through the Incidents Manager in the Admin window. Incidents are maintained as active until you change them to inactive by clearing the Active check box.


At the start of an incident, users create the incident in the system and assign applicable groups. During log in, the Incident drop-down list is filtered based on the group permissions of the selected position. Users can begin posting information after selecting the incident and successfully logging in to the system.

With WebEOC, agencies and users can track individual incidents or include multiple incidents in a common master view. This master view feature is discussed in detail in the Master Views Manager.

Users with access to the Incidents Manager have the ability to run comprehensive incident reports to include all boards or any combination of boards. All data fields for each board selected are included in the report.

Setup Incident Overview

WebEOC is automatically configured with a Setup incident feature that appears in the Incident drop-down list. Authorized users can use this option to access and set up configurations for any admin manager and configure and manage static data in a board. The Setup incident feature is not available from the Incidents Manager and, therefore, cannot be deleted from the system.

WebEOC administrators and users with Admin Profile permissions can access this incident when logging in to WebEOC. Setup is an option listed for Incident.


Use the Setup incident to perform administrative and configuration functions in WebEOC. The Setup incident is also used to configure pre-canned information that is duplicated in a static status board for each subsequently created incident.

Note that data linking is not available in the input view in the user interface when logged in to Setup. Also, you cannot run drills or exercises through Setup. Use the Simulator Manager to create and run drills or exercises.

Static Entries in Setup

When administrators are logged in to the Setup incident, pre-canned or static entries can be added or updated using the applicable input view. The following are two examples where static entries are used:

  • An agency that routinely adds a set of entries for any incident can configure the status board as static (through the Boards Manager) and add the entries to the specified status board using Setup. Whenever a new incident occurs, the pre-canned entries automatically appear on the board. If any of the entries need to be changed, the static entries can be updated in a similar way as any other board entry.

  • Pre-canned entries can be used in a shelter board listing the shelter name, its capacity, or other available features. During an annual review, if a change occurs, you can edit or delete the static entry to keep your pre-canned shelter board information current.

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