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Board Tags and Attributes

WebEOC-specific HTML Board Tags

The WebEOC-specific HTML board tags were specifically designed to make board building easier and give you the freedom to create truly custom boards. To help you learn more about these tags and how to use them, below is a complete list of tags, categorized first by their purpose and then alphabetically. Go to the specific category or tag for detailed information about each attribute, often including an example that demonstrates a use case for the provided tag.

Refer also to Attribute Definitions to learn about allowed values and requirements.


  • Boardresource 
    <a>, <embed>, <iframe>, <img>, <link>, <object>, <script>

  • Chart
    <chart>, <dataexpression>

  • Display
    <attachment>, <boardname>, <boardpermission>, <calendar>, <embedview>, <eocfield>, <eocrepeatallrecords>, <exportbutton>, <exportlink>, <expression>, <externalexpression>, <field>, <filter>, <listitemicon>, <sortlink>

  • Filter and Search
    <clearsearchbutton>, <filter>, <filterbutton>, <filterdropdown>, <filterlistdropdown>, <off>, <on>, <search>, <searchbutton>

  • Information
    <agencyinfo>, <positionname>, <userinfo>, <username>

  • Input
    <cancelbutton>, <datalink>, <enablerecordlocking>, <importbutton>, <incidentselector>, <input>, <insertfields>, <savebutton>, <select>, <textarea>, <updatefields>

  • Miscellaneous
    <currentdate>, <currenttime>, <dataid>, <embedmap>, <embedrss>, <feature>, <grouplist>, <incidentname>, <latitude>, <longitude>, <pdflink>, <printbutton>, <returnbutton>, <returnlink>, <space>

  • Related Data
    <foreignkey>, <foreignkeyreference>, <relatedlist>, <relatedexpression>

  • Updatesection

  • Viewlink
    <viewlink>, <tablabel>, <viewparameter>

  • XSLT
    <attribute>, <choose>, <element>, <for-each>, <if>, <otherwise>, <value-of>, <when>

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