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Assign Process Permissions

By selecting the Organizational Group check box when adding or editing a group, you are enabling process permissions. After enabling them, you should then assign process permissions to the group.

The Process Permissions page contains process permission categories created by clicking the Manage Process Permissions button. Refer to Create Process Permissions for detailed instructions on adding a category.

To assign process permissions for an existing group
  1. In the Admin window, go to Users: Groups. The Groups page opens.

  2. Click Enabled associated with the group you want to assign permissions to.


    Note: Only groups that have the Organizational Group check box selected can be assigned process permissions. The Organizational Group check box is located in the Edit Group window.

  3. To assign process permissions:

    • Under the applicable Process Permission section, click Add Group.


    • In the Available Groups window, select one or more group names from the list.

    • Click Add.

  4. Click Save.

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