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Standard Plugins

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The following plugins are included in a standard installation of WebEOC. Click the name of the plugin to learn about administrative tasks linked to that plugin. Refer to the User Guide section for detailed instructions on using any one of these standard inclusions.




Enter incident-specific checklists that users can complete. You can identify steps as main steps or substeps and order and re-order these steps using arrow buttons. Steps and substeps can be marked as Complete, Open, Previously Accomplished, or Not Applicable. When running a checklist, remarks can be added to a step and displayed or hidden as desired.

File Library

Upload and share documents and files with other users through WebEOC.


Upload an image file of a map, dispersion model, digital photo, and so forth, from any map, GIS source, or digital camera. Users can apply markers, labels, shapes, and/or polygons, and share the map with other authorized users.


Communicate with other users internally using a messaging tool and externally via email.

NWS Weather Alerts

View and link to the National Weather Service watches, warnings, and advisories.


Generate pre-formatted or custom reports based on individual status boards. You can also generate a comprehensive incident report consisting of individual or all status boards in your WebEOC system. Because WebEOC uses Microsoft® SQL Server® for the database, customers can use Access, Crystal, or other tools to generate reports.

Search Tool

Search for information across all your boards.


See which users are logged in and view their username, position, assigned incident, name, and log-in date and time.


Build, edit, and control delivery of exercise scenario injects into WebEOC status boards manually or automatically in real-time. With Simulator, you can manage your Master Scenario Events List (MSEL). Injects can be started, stopped, reset, added, or deleted as necessary to meet training or exercise objectives. You can also import injects from or export injects to an Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet.

Additional Add-ons

WebEOC offers many add-ons that you can purchase to extend the functionality of your system. Browse the Hub or contact your CSM for more information on available add-ons.

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