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Clicking an item’s name in the control panel menu opens that board, tool, menu, or plugin, in a new window. The tab for the board or option currently in focus is dark blue.


If you have a board tab in focus and changes are made to another board or item you have open, the system notifies you by placing the star icon in the tab header and changing the updated tab’s color to light blue. This same star icon appears on the Home tab when you receive notifications.


When you have many tabs open, you can quickly move from one to another by using the menu on the right side of the tab bar. Open the menu and click the correct option. That tab comes into focus.

You can also scroll through the open tabs when they expand beyond the visible area by clicking the arrow icons to the left and right of the tabs.


Additionally, to rearrange tabs in a preferred order, simply drag and drop them as appropriate. The order you have chosen for your open tabs is remembered when you change positions or log off and then log back in.

Note: This feature is not applicable to tabs in the Admin window.

To close a status board, menu window, plugin, or link, click the close option in its tab, or in the window.


If you want to close all open tabs simultaneously, use the menu to the right of the tab bar. Open the menu and click Close All Tabs, the last option in the list.


Note: WebEOC remembers your current view for each position. That is, when you log in, the same tabs are open as when you last logged out or changed positions.

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