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General Manager Overview

The General Manager allows you to configure several system options and set a number of security policies for WebEOC. Options configured in the General Manager are applied to all WebEOC user accounts.

To access the General Manager
  1. In the Admin window, go to System: General. The General page opens.


  2. Configure the required settings. For details, refer to:

  3. When you are done, click Save.

Miscellaneous Options

By default, WebEOC is set to use the Design HTML Editor. Other options included the Advanced HTML Editor, which offers syntax highlighting and auto-completion, and the Plain Text Editor. Administrators can set the default for all HTML editing to any of these three editors.


If the Require Additional Login Information check box is selected, you can set additional options that users are required to provide during the login process. These details could be name, location, email address, phone number, and/or comments. When enabled, data entered during login can be accessed in the Sessions plugin or Sessions Manager and viewed for the duration of the user’s session. A WebEOC board can also be configured to automatically capture this data to reduce data entry time.

Additional Sub-Administrators Options

The Additional Sub-Administrator section enables you to increase the number of sub-administrators allowed in your WebEOC system.

Important: This feature is available only in WebEOC Enterprise.

The WebEOC Enterprise license typically allows you to have 10 sub-administrators. Your agency can increase this number by purchasing a license that removes the restriction. For more information, contact WebEOC Support.


Maps Add-on License

The Maps Add-on License section in the General Manager is for organizations who purchased the licensed Maps Add-on solution. It is in this section that such organizations will enter the license key for their instance of Maps Add-on. Entering the license key in this section activates the add-on and allows administrators and users alike to see the additional features and capabilities of the advanced mapping solution.

Note: After entering the license key, click Save to ensure activation.


For more information on Maps Add-on, or to find out whether it is right for your organization, contact your CSM.

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