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Email Configuration Options

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In order to send emails externally using WebEOC, you must:

  • enter a valid email address,

  • enter the IP address of the email server, and

  • configure the SMTP service.
    Note: You only have to configure an SMTP service if your email server does not have an SMTP service already installed.

To configure your email server to send emails, enter the host name or IP address of your email server.

  • The host name looks similar to: companyname-exch.com.

  • The IP address looks similar to:

After you configure the email server and the SMTP service, you can send emails via the Messages tool and any board that has been configured to send emails.

Any external email that is sent from a board within WebEOC is addressed from the user’s primary or secondary email account, configured in the Users Manager. Users are able to send external emails from a board to any email account. An email sent from the Messages tool is addressed from the sender—that is, the user account used to log in to WebEOC.

Note: A user account must have an email address configured in order to send emails.

The Use SMTP Credentials check box enables you to provide a username and password to the SMTP settings, allowing for authenticated email sending.

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