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Using Remote Boards

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If you implement Dual Commit, you can use remote boards to allow users access directly from their control panel to boards residing in another WebEOC system. Entries may be viewed, sorted, filtered, added, and updated as though they reside on the local server.

In the control panel, remote boards are grouped in the Dual Commit section under a single link named Remote Boards. Clicking this link shows a list of the boards the user can access.

Remote boards are used just like local boards on a user’s control panel. Users can add, update, view, sort, and filter data as determined by the permissions allowed at the board owner and local server levels.

Remote boards differ from local boards in that board displays do not refresh as data is added. Remote boards refresh on a timed interval, which can take up to 60 seconds. Users who are logged in to a system directly viewing the same status board will see data refresh as it is added.

Important: It is strongly recommended that this be emphasized during local training.

Closing the Remote Boards page automatically closes all remote boards that are currently open. If necessary, the Menu window can be minimized when not in use.

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