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Remote Boards

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Dual Commit can be configured to allow access directly from your control panel to boards residing on other WebEOC servers. Rather than maintaining copies of the board and posting data directly to every WebEOC server, a single board on one server can be accessed by multiple WebEOC instances. Users can view, sort, filter, add, and update entries as they normally would.

Using remote boards allows all WebEOC instances to view the same set of data from the same board. Everyone has all the information available to them and a common operational picture is maintained.

Data is stored on the server that is hosting the remote boards. If connectivity to that server is lost, data contained in the remote boards hosted on that server cannot be viewed, except by those users directly connected to the server, until connectivity is restored.

Board permissions set at the host server define the highest permission set that can be assigned at the local level. Users granted higher permissions at the local server are not able to execute boards tasks for which permissions have not been granted at the host server.

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