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To implement the Dual Commit and Remote Boards features:

  • You must have a licensed copy of WebEOC 7.0 or higher.

    Note: Dual Commit may not be possible between different versions of WebEOC.

  • The Dual Commit target or remote board WebEOC server must be accessible by the WebEOC server executing Dual Commit or Remote Board functions. This network access must support TCP/IP. In addition, if SSL is implemented, access over port 443 is required. If SSL is not implemented, access over port 80 is required.

  • Status boards configured as Dual Commit on the local server must also be available on the target server. In addition:

    • When a new board is added or an existing board is modified on the local server, the same changes must be performed on the target server.

    • Board names and field names on the target server must be identical to the board and field names configured for the board on the local server.

  • A user account, password, and position name must be established on the target server and your local server.

    • These user accounts should only be used for Dual Commit purposes. We recommend that you distinguish the accounts from normal user accounts by selecting the Dual Commit User check box in the Edit User window. This removes the user accounts from the users list, meaning the account does not appear in the username selection list wherever utilized in WebEOC (such as input views, display views, and so forth).

    • The user account must also have Multiple User Login enabled so multi-user access conflicts do not occur when executing these features.

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