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Map Queued Messages

If you have opted to queue incoming messages, you now need to map the messages to a specific incident. Queued messages generate a popup message on the control panel advising that new Dual Commit entries have been received.

Note: Once assigned, the incident you have chosen cannot be changed or undone. Click Cancel in the Map this Incident? window to select a different local incident. A list of mapped incidents can be viewed by selecting the View Mapped Incidents button. This is a view-only window; mappings cannot be changed.

To send a board with input views to Dual Commit
  1. In the Admin window, go to Process: Dual Commit. The Dual Commit page opens.

  2. Click the Actions button, and then select Incoming Dual Commit Options.

  3. Click a local incident in the list.

  4. When the Map this Incident? window opens, click OK.

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