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Dual Commit Overview

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Dual Commit and remote boards are tools that allow agencies to communicate with other agencies outside their firewall. Dual Commit helps users avoid confusion when logging directly into two or more WebEOC systems, thus facilitating information sharing among agencies using WebEOC (for example, between counties and state EOCs or like agencies).

Dual Commit allows agencies to automatically or selectively decide which board entries to post to an outside server, keeping sensitive information within your organization. Dual Commit is similar to logging into another server and posting information, but it involves a WebEOC administrative configuration so the client can post information to more than one server without having to log out of the local server and onto the remote servers.

Individual status boards can be set to either Auto or Manual for Dual Commit. This allows for a convenient data sharing solution among multiple WebEOC agencies. If the Auto check box is not selected for the board, then each individual entry must be manually pushed to the remote server at the discretion of the user.

The Dual Commit Manager allows you to maintain a list of servers available for Dual Commit. This list is updatable, allowing servers to be added, modified, and deleted as needed.

In order to successfully execute the Dual Commit operation, an identical copy of each status board designated for Dual Commit must reside on each source and each target.

Each time a new board is added and configured for Dual Commit, the board must be added to the target servers. This can be accomplished using the Import/Export Board tool in the Boards Manager. Once the new board is added to the target server, remember to set applicable group permissions on the target server as well. 

If changes are made to a Dual Commit board, identical changes must be made on the target servers, either manually or by copying the HTML of the input and display views for the board to each target server using the Board Editor.  The Import/Export Board tool can be used to update a board on a target server. To do so, import the updated board and then reset group permissions for the board.

The Test Connection button in the Dual Commit Manager executes an automated test between the local server and the target server to verify configuration parameters during setup.

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