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Add Remote Boards

Once you have created and tested your new Dual Commit server, you must add the remote boards to it and assign group permissions to them.

To create a Dual Commit server for the remote board function
  1. In the Admin window, go to Process: Dual Commit. The Dual Commit page opens.

  2. For the server you created, click its associated Manage Remote Boards link.


  3. On the Remote Boards List page, click Add Remote Board.


  4. On the Edit Remote Board page, enter a name for the board.

  5. Enter the exact name of the input view.

  6. Enter the exact name of the display view.

  7. Click Add Group. The Add Group window opens.


  8. Select the appropriate groups and then click Add.

  9. Click Save.

  10. Repeat steps3-9  for each remote board.

  11. To assign the remote board permission to a group, in the Users tab of the Admin window, click Groups. This adds the Remote Boards plugin to the control panel of users assigned to the group.

  12. In the Groups window, click the name of the group.

  13. In the Settings section, click the Plugins option.

  14. Click Remote Boards.

  15. Click Save.

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