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Create a Dashboard View

As an administrator, you can create a dashboard view for users, determining what they see on a given dashboard.

To create a dashboard view
  1. In the Admin window, go to Process: Dashboards. The Dashboards page open.


  2. Click Actions and select User Dashboard Views.


  3. Click Create User Dashboard View. The User Dashboard Views: Create User Dashboard View page opens.


  4. In the Details section, enter the name of the new user view.

  5. For Item Type, select whether you want a board or map applied to the view.

  6. If you select Board:

    • For Board, select the board you want to apply the view for.

    • Select how to display the user view: List or Report.

    • Enter any view filters, if applicable.

  7. If you select Map:

    • From the Map drop-down, select the applicable map you want to apply the view for.

    • In the Groups section, click Add Groups.

    • In the Available Groups window, select the groups you want to have access to this dashboard view.

      Note: You can select more than one group at a time.


      Tip: To make the dashboard view available to all groups, select the check box next to the Name column. All groups are selected.

  8. Click Add.

  9. On the User Dashboard Views: Create User Dashboard View page, click Save.

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