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Create a Checklist

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Use checklists to outline the tasks that must be completed before, during or after an event. These tasks can have a due date/time, and they can be assigned to specific individuals for completion.

To create a checklist
  1. In the Admin window, go to PluginsChecklists. The Checklists page opens.


  2. Click Create Checklist.

  3. On the Checklists: Create Checklist page, enter a name for the new checklist.


  4. Click one or more groups to assign to the checklist.

    Tip: To add a group to the list, click Add Group. Conversely, remove a group by clicking it and then clicking Remove.

  5. If appropriate, add an attachment:

    • In the Checklist Attachment section, for File, click the Browse or Choose File button.

    • Locate the file you want to attach and click Open.

      Tip: You can replace the existing file by uploading a new file in its place. To upload multiple files, create a zipped file.

    • Enter a description for the file you uploaded.

  6. Click Save.

After you save the checklist, the URL area populates with the location of your uploaded file. You can now add items to the checklist.

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