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Table Options


Select the Form check box to allow the board to behave like a form. This enables the update-only function. A form-like board displays only the last update made to the board per incident. The ICS and ESF Situation Reports that come standard with WebEOC are examples of form boards. All updates to a form board are saved in the database for auditing purposes.

Note: Use of this option in conjunction with others, such as Global, means that there might be more than one entry per incident, but only one entry is displayed at a time.


Select the Static check box if this status board will be used to store pre-canned information that is automatically posted and used in all incidents.

For example, an agency that routinely completes a set of tasks for any incident can configure the status board as Static, add the commitments to the specified status board through Setup, and have the pre-canned entries automatically copied to the board. Static entries can be updated and processed as in any other board entry.

A Delete button is enabled in the input view for authorized users logged in to Setup. They can remove unwanted pre-canned entries by displaying the data item in the input view for the board and clicking Delete.

Note: Entries added to Static status boards through the Setup incident are automatically duplicated (posted) in those boards for each subsequently created incident. Once the board has been built, the administrator can log in using Setup and add the pre-canned data items to the static board.

Incident Independent

Select the Incident Independent check box any time the data entered to the status board is more permanent than the incident itself. This option allows data to remain in the board even after the associated incident is archived.

A scenario where the incident-independent feature is useful involves the Shelters board, which tracks status and related details on an ongoing basis. When configured as Incident Independent, all data entered across all incidents continues to be maintained in the board when an incident is archived.


The Searchable check box is selected by default, enabling data on this board to be included in search results when using the WebEOC Search Tool. The Searchable column in the Boards window shows which boards have this option enabled or disabled.

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