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Import Board Data

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Data management functions, such as importing and exporting board data, are available from the board's Edit Board page.


Note: If the board has multiple tables, the Import/Export Data button is disabled (grayed out) and importing/exporting can be accessed from the Actions drop-down list in the Tables section on the Board Editor page.

For WebEOC Enterprise clients, advanced Data Manager functions are fully integrated with WebEOC. They are also available to WebEOC Professional clients as an add-on. All other WebEOC clients continue to have access to the standard administrator data import and export features.

To import board data
  1. In the Admin window, go to Process: Boards. The Boards page opens.


  2. Click the name of the board in which you want the data to appear.

  3. On the Board: Edit Board page, click Import/Export Data.


  4. To locate the board data file, click Browse.


  1. Click Import.


Tip: You can map the latitude and longitude fields in the import file to a feature using the location.longitude and location.latitude mapping options.

  1. In the Import Map: [Board Name] page, for Table Name, select the appropriate table to import to.

  2. If appropriate, for Unique Field, select the field by which records should be matched.

  3. Map each field from the import file to the appropriate field in the WebEOC board.

  4. Click Preview.

  5. Click Import.

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