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Configure a Board for IMX Connect

Notification-type boards can be configured to send messages to IMX Connect apps (iOS or Android). You can enable this feature via the input of a new or existing WebEOC board. When configured for IMX Connect, the message is created from a status board entry.

SMTP is not required for this process.

To configure a board for IMX Connect
  1. In the Admin window, go to Process: Boards. The Boards page opens.


  2. Click the name of the board intended for IMX Connect configuration.

  3. On the Board: Edit Board page, click Board Editor.

  4. On the Board Editor: [Board Name] page, click the name of the input view to be configured.


  5. From the input view's tab, scroll down to the Settings section and click the Notifications tab.

  6. Select the IMX Connect Enabled check box.


  7. In the field to the right of the check box, enter the message subject.

    Note: This text is added to the beginning of the message subject when the message is sent. After WebEOC users install and configure the IMX Connect app on their devices, they can begin to receive notifications. These push notifications are delivered to the recipients' devices even when the app is closed.

    Tip: Notifications from a board can be sent to positions or groups. When you send a message, all users in the selected position or group receive it.

  8. From the drop-down list below the IMX Connect Enabled check box, select the board's view.

    Note: Only the fields included in this view are visible to users when they receive the push notification message or open the board from IMX Connect.

    Tip: Users can receive notifications from boards that do not appear on their control panel. However, to view the board in WebEOC, the user needs permission to access the board's view.

  9. Click Save.

  10. Go to the HTML section and click the Design View tab.

  11. Configure each field you want to designate as recipient by setting the field to mobilerecipient.

    Note: Mobilerecipient must be the name of a WebEOC group or position.

  12. Configure each field you want to designate as a message by setting the field to mobilemessage.

    Note: Mobilemessage can be whatever best suits your needs. This field acts similarly to an email subject line.

    Tip: If multiple fields are selected, they are all included in the message.

  13. Click Save.


After IMX Connect is enabled for the input view, check boxes are available for both mobilerecipient and mobilemessage in the design view. These fields help organize the message content, indicating the field that appears as the subject and the field that contains potential message recipients.


Note: Defining message recipients is required. Defining the message subject is optional.

To define a message's subject and recipients

Note: This procedure continues from the procedure above.

  1. On the Board Editor: [Board Name] page, from the View List tab, click the name of the input view you just changed.

  2. Select a field in the editor that you want to appear as a message subject.

  3. Select the Mobile Message check box.


    Tip: Selecting the Mobile Message check box sets the value of mobilemessage to true.

  4. Click Apply.

  5. Select the positions or group lists you want as the message recipients.

    Important: If the board does not contain a position or group list, add it prior to performing this step.

  6. Select the Mobile Recipient check box.


    Tip: Selecting the Mobile Recipient check box sets the value of mobilrecipient to true.

  7. Click Apply.

  8. Click Save.

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