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Configure a Board for Email

Notification-type boards can be configured to notify users outside of WebEOC. When configured for emails, the subject and content are created from a status board entry. Multiple email options can be applied to a field. For example, a single field can be part of both the Subject and Body of the email.

An email server must be configured to enable the email function; see setting up your email server.

To configure a board for email
  1. In the Admin window, go to Process: Boards. The Boards page opens.


  2. Click the name of the board intended for email configuration.

  3. On the Board: Edit Board page, click Board Editor.

  4. On the Board Editor: [Board Name] page, click the name of the input view to be configured.


  5. From the input view's tab, scroll down to the Settings section and click the Notifications tab.

  6. Select the Email check box.


  7. Enter the email addresses of all recipients to whom an email should automatically be sent as each new or updated entry is posted to the board.


  • Multiple email addresses can be entered. Separate email addresses with a comma character only. Do not enter spaces in the Email text field.
  • You can also use an email distribution list.
  • If preferred, email recipients can be selected or added as records are created by following step 11, below.
  1. Click Save.

  2. At the top of the window, click the View List tab.

  3. Click the input view you just changed.

  4. For each field to be used to select users, positions, or groups as recipients or to enter ad hoc email addresses in the Data Entry window:

    Note: For ad hoc email addresses, separate multiple email addresses or distribution lists with a comma.

    • Select the field.

    • Select the Recipient check box.


  • Click Apply.
  1. For each field to be included in the subject line of the email:

    • Select the field.

    • Select the Subject check box.


  • Click Apply.

  1. For each field to be included as part of the email message:

    • Select the field.

    • Select the Message check box.


  • Click Apply.

  1. Click Save.

Note: If multiple fields are configured as “subject” or “message,” specified fields are respectively concatenated (combined together) to form the Subject or Message portion of the email, as applicable.

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