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Remove Records from a Display View

To remove unwanted records from a board's display view using a check box and filter, follow the steps outlined below.

To remove unwanted records from the display view
  1. Navigate to the Input View Editor for the applicable board.

  2. For the standard input view, add the check box that users can check for records they wish to remove or hide. When creating the check box, name the check box remove and set the value to Yes.

    Tip: In some instances, you may wish to place this on a special input view that only controllers may use.

  3. Add the remove eocfield field and a filter to the display view.

    Note: The remove eocfield is required for the filter to work. Typically, most choose to hide the remove eocfield using standard HTML like a <span> tag or the <style> attribute (style="display:none") in the <td> tag.

By default, the filter is set to be On and does not display any records that have the remove chec kbox selected. In most cases, a separate administrator display without this filter is created so an administrator can view all records.

Note: If you add this field and filter to a board with existing records, return to those records and re-save them or use the expression method to avoid null values and improper displays.

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