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Preserve Attachment Fields in Datalinks

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If you want to datalink an attachment field, you can only datalink it upon creating a new record. This limitation is overcome by use of the <attribute> tag.

When using the <attribute> tag, the field board_file_upload, for example, is being saved to a new field called, in this instance, datalink_me_instead. This workflow protects the attachment field during edits of the record, allowing you to datalink the field datalink_me_instead.

<input type="hidden" name="datalink_me_instead">
	<attribute name="value"><value-of select="/data/node()/@board_file_upload"></value-of></attribute>

This function can be extremely useful in a controller review process where you input a new record, update it in another view that shares the same table, and then datalink it to another table.

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