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Limit Editing for Users to User-entered Data

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In certain instances, you may have a list display view that allows multiple positions to post to the board. Although everyone should see the entries on the board, you may want editing to be more restricted. To make it so that a position can only edit an entry made by their position, take the following measures:

  1. Make your <eocfield> tags un-clickable so that the user cannot click the field to edit the entry: <eocfield name="fieldnameHere" disableclick="true"></eocfield>. Take this measure for all <eocfield> instances in the view.

  2. Add a viewlink that goes to the input view. For example: <viewlink type="button" name="Input">Edit</viewlink>

  3. Surround this viewlink with an <if> test that hides this viewlink if the positionname doesn't match the positionname that the user is currently logged in as: <if test="@positionid = /data/@positionid"><viewlink name="Input" type="button">Edit</viewlink></if>

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